How to deal with high sensitivity?

How to deal with high sensitivity?

About 10 years ago, on the advice of someone, I contacted Betsy for a house cleaning. That was our first encounter. In the meantime, my son and I have come a long way with many positive results, an evolution of course with trial and error. It is a learning process, a process of awareness.

My son and I are both highly sensitive. As a baby he had all kinds of ailments such as reflux, allergies / intolerances, intestinal and stomach infections, which resulted in many hospital admissions. I myself had had a life with days of migraines, being sick (ear infection, laryngitis, back pain, being nauseous, spinning…), injuries (pelvic infection, elbow inflammation, neck blockages…), being tired (I even went to sleep during the day) . As a child I felt very unhappy, as if I did not belong in this world.

Step by step I learned a lot, such as:   How to deal with high sensitivity? What are positive and negative energies and their effect? What is the power of thoughts? What is the soul and what is the ego? What are blockages? What is the Divine? Not only concepts have become clear to me, but also their impact and how to deal with all this. How does this all work? What can I do myself (self-healing ability)? What else do I need help with? And Betsy offers us that help every time. I have gained a lot of insights.

The success story is not limited to health. I now have a happy and healthy son. I feel very good in my own skin without any ailments. My job is also moving in a positive direction. A few years ago I dared to change jobs, career switch. Now I go to work with pleasure (satisfaction). I get tremendous appreciation from my students every day.  There used to be constant fights between my parents and me. It just didn’t work. Now we can enjoy outings together and there is mutual respect. Who would have ever thought that we would love each other. I’ve been through a serious divorce. At this point there is no more hate. However, our son is now in first place and more and more people are looking at what he wants and what makes him feel good.

Of course things don’t always go well. As I mentioned before, it is by trial and error. We get our lessons. Only in this way can we grow.

I am currently following the zoom sessions. This online trajectory helps me to develop even further positively. I look forward to this every week. I feel myself growing even further, becoming aware. It is a moment of meditation, purification, learning moment (topics discussed), exchange of experiences and tips.

My son and I are extremely grateful for what Betsy has done and taught for us.

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