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In all the years that I have been with Betsy, she has often been my savior in my life. Where nobody could help me, physically and emotionally and I was often close to despair, Betsy was able to help me completely back to the normal me in one go. Every time I go home with a smile, without worries and full of love. In all honesty, she helps me to move forward in life. Because of her I started to look at life differently and everything has actually changed in a positive way. I am very grateful to her.

Thank you, Betsy!
Where I used to feel scattered, I now feel consolidated.
The Divine Consciousness grows within me.
My soul sings more and more its own song.
Thank you, Betsy, for allowing me to pray again, feel my strength, and simply be.

When I received an energetic ‘polishing’ from Betsy for the first time three years ago, I immediately felt that I was in the right place.

Thanks in part to her years of experience and spontaneous wisdom, she teaches you practical tools on how to deal with health issues and emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness, fears, uncertainty, traumas, and more from a Divine consciousness.

Starting the Light Bridge is highly recommended if you wish to strengthen your Divine channel. This way, you can handle life’s challenges more easily and develop even more self-love.

Thank you Betsy for your loving presence.

Since I’ve been following sessions with Betsy, I’ve been doing well both physically and
mentally better. Betsy helped me with a physical ailment that she
were not resolved through conventional medicine. I am much less
anxious and I dare to stand up for myself more.

I am so THANKFUL that Betsy came into my life at the right time. For a number of years I was completely blocked and could not go anywhere. I was on the road, but not on THE road. Betsy showed and still shows me how I can always find THE way back… I recommend this professional guidance to everyone (especially those who are highly sensitive) and sometimes run into the lamp (or themselves). Thanks to her I am much more aware of what is happening in and around me. I certainly haven’t learned all the lessons in this life, but I keep coming back on THE right track… D.G. from Westerlo

"Thank God for someone like Betsy!"

I am immensely grateful to Betsy for the infectious enthusiasm with which she shares her knowledge, her day-to-day experiences, insights, and years of experience with anyone who truly wants to grow in awareness.

Through her personal and group guidance, I feel more powerful than ever and I am much better at keeping my energy pure, balanced, and channeled for the benefit of my growth as an individual and as a member of society. Thank you very much, Betsy.

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