A serene state of "Being"

Welcome to "Pure energy at work". The road to a healthy
and conscious living. Everything is energy and that energy is constant
in motion and subject to continuous change.
"Pure energy at work" provides insight into the energies in and around
the human.

Cost of consultation: € 80.

Your Unlimited Self
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Betsy Vanbrabant

Coach, facilitator and lightworker

“I help you find your true “Self” so that you can face every challenge in life with balance and confidence.”

Dirk De Meulenaere

Innovator, techneut

“Technique and frequency are my passion. I make devices that have a positive influence on your health and well-being.”

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Yin/Yang values:

Yin stands for feminine (energy) and Yang for masculine (energy). Imbalance in one’s own Yin/Yang polarity can lead to disruption of bodily functions, which can lead to serious disorders.
The correct Yin value for men is +16; also in male (mammals) animals
The correct Yang value for women is -16; also in female (mammals) animals
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