Your Unlimited Self
- Blockages
- From chaos to order
- Fatigue

House cleanings
- Cry Babies
- Fears (explainable and inexplicable)
- Setbacks
- Insomnia
Energetic devices
- Revita - Lakhovsky
- Rife lamp - Rife

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Your Unlimited Self

I believe in the power of thought in the self-healing capacity of each of us.
This is only possible by reconnecting us to the “Source” indispensable to stand firmly in life again.

You do your best every day, but it doesn’t always work out. You are tired and don’t know what to do.

What is it that often brings you down?

Together we make a journey through your own life, as it were. Listen to your own voice. What are your needs and growth opportunities?

Underlying patterns and causesbecome clear and become clear step by step, so that solutions are presented. Our past, but also our own thoughts, words or influences of others have a major impact on our lives. We guide you to recognizethese energiesin a conscious and responsible way and to transformthem into positive forces.

I guide people in their personal process towards more awareness. By being powerful in life and clearingblockagesof the past, you comecloser and closer to your Divine Core, who you really are!


House cleanings

I have been doing house cleanings at home and abroad since 2010. Through personal energetic coaching I became aware that the environment in which someone lives can also have a major influence!

It has been proven that our healthand well-being are strongly influenced by our environment, the spaces where we live and work.

The energy balance in a house can sometimes be disturbed. A house can also hold all kinds of energies.

For example, a heavy energy can hang in a house, which causes all kinds of problems; cry babies, poor sleep, continuous sick in the house, setbacks, quarrels, …

We sometimes experience that we feel super good in certain places and in other places we become tired, lethargic, we can no longer concentrate… We just don’t know why and what to do about it.

Well, in such cases an energetic house purification is indicated.

My motto is “health starts in an energetically clean house!”.

Energetic devices


Based on the principle of G. Lakhovsky

The Revitaworks as a ‘peacemaker’. He resolves internal ‘quarrels and wars’ and restores cooperation and synergy in the body.

The Revita is based on the original principle of G. Lakhovsky. However, it is the more extensive version because in addition to an electric field, it can also generate a magnetic field with a wide spectrum of frequencies.

Cells, tissues and organs are harmonizedunder the influence of these fields and activated in their proper functioning. As a result, imbalance, blockages and internal ‘quarrels’ disappear.

In this way the mutual cooperation in the body is restored, so that all kinds of ailments and diseases can be solved.


The healing influence of the REVITA is broad because it works holistically; the harmonization process finds
in all parts of the body simultaneously. Because the REVITA is very broad-acting, almost every
type of condition relief or recovery healing on


Based on the principle of Dr. R. Rife

We have put together a new device based on the latest technologies. This unit rivals the capabilities of the unit provided by Dr. R. Rife was developed in 1939.

The system can easilybe operatedvia programs specially developed for the Rife Plasma Tube. About 7000 databases are available in the program. You can update this database every month.

The programs used are Spooky2, in combination with FreX 16. With a few clicks you can run the desired program. You can follow the recalled frequenciesand the settings via the oscilloscope.

Both programs were developed in collaboration with the Rife organization.


A Rifemachine works according to the principles of Royal Rife,a
brilliant scientist who lived the last century. He discovered that

organisms withusing frequencies can be

Take a look at the checklist and finally find out what throws you off balance.

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