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The intellectual property rights of the contents of the products (on social media, website and webshop, both paid and free) rest with pureenergyatwork and Betsy Vanbrabant.

All information provided, as well as videos, webinars, downloads, sound clips, digital documents, etc. are exclusively intended to be used by you as a participant/visitor. This information may not be copied, reproduced, shared or passed on, made public or made known to third parties without acknowledgment of the source and prior written permission of Bieke Geenen.

There is a criminal prosecution for those who maliciously or with fraudulent intent infringe copyrights and intellectual property rights, punishable by a prison sentence of one to five years and a fine of 500 to 100,000 euros.

Logging in to the learning platform is linked to the buyer’s email address. Abnormal use or frequent logins from different locations are reported to us by our system. This will then be investigated.

Cancellation Policy

As a consumer, you are also entitled to the statutory withdrawal period of 14 calendar days with a distance purchase.

If you have any questions, you can always email them to betsy.vanbrabant@telenet.be

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